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Propaganda is a German synth-pop band formed in Düsseldorf in 1982. They signed a recording contract with ZTT Records as early as 1983 and released their first single “Dr Mabuse” in 1984. Followed by their debut studio album, the critically acclaimed A Secret Wish, in 1985. Two of the album’s singles, “Dr. Mabuse” and “Duel”, were UK Top 30 hits. A second studio album, 1234 (1990), was recorded with a markedly different line-up and released by Virgin Records to less success. There have been several partial reformations of the group in the 21st century, with the original vocalists currently active as xPropaganda.

The duo of Brücken and Freytag appeared on some retro festivals across Europe and did some shows performing “A Secret Wish” in Germany using the name “Duel”, whereas in the UK the name “xPropaganda” was used. Here they supported Heaven 17 in late November and early December 2018 to mark the 35th anniversary of The Luxury Gap album. A live recording of one of xPropaganda’s London shows was released as the album A Secret Place in 2018.

On 20 May 2022, the xPropaganda album titled The Heart Is Strange by Brücken, Freytag and Lipson was released in various formats by Universal Music on the ZTT imprint. The album peaked at no.11 in the UK, higher than any of Propaganda’s previous releases.





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