Space EBM Made In Belgium

The Juggernauts @DarkMAD 2023

The first activities of The Juggernauts on the planet Earth were sighted towards the end of 2010.
Reportedly, they have been summoned by higher unknown forces who send them to earth with the mission to ward off the 2012 Apocalypse which the Mayas already predicted over 5000 years ago.
The Juggernauts succeeded in their mission and doomsday was postponed indefinitely.

However, the increase of conflicts between human tribes around the world, which come with staggering and unspeakable atrocities and destruction, the unceasing pollution and poisoning of the planet earth and her seas, and thus the accelerating systematic extinction of it’s global fauna and flora, are all signs on the wall that mankind is still on the way to self-destruction.

In the meantime, The Juggernauts have been busy releasing their full-length album “The Juggernauts Are Coming” and touring to present their material live in true Belgian EBM tradition.

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