Spherical Disrupted

Spherical Disrupted

Spherical Disrupted is the current main musical project of Mirko Hentrich. He produces electronic and experimental music since 1988 under various names and with various bands (e.g. Experimentum Crucis, Sick En For, Capsular).

Spherical Disrupted made several releases since 1995 and on Audiophob since 2004. Spherical Disrupted made several sampler tracks, did some remixes (e.g. for P·A·L, Xabec, KiEw, Still Patient?, Rotersand, 100Blumen, Heimstatt Yipotash, 2kilos &More, TC75, Blac Kolor). Spherical Disrupted played over 80 shows live all over Germany and Europe, incl. festivals like Maschinenfest, Elektroanschlag, Schlagstrom Festival, Wroclaw Industrial Festival and Summer Darkness. The sound of Spherical Disrupted is based on many musical influences like Dark Ambient, IDM, EBM, Industrial and so on.

Mirko Hentrich is also co-founder and owner of the labels Audiophob and Krater Recordigs and is working under the name of Paradroid as a DJ for EBM and ambient music in several clubs and many festivals.



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