PUTILATEX. 2003-2023.

20 years of shit!

No one would have ever bet on this electroclash duo getting beyond the craze around the stupidly fun and cheeky bands of the 2000s.

Electroclash was supposed to be the new grunge, because in every garage there was someone trying to start a band, in this case, Putilatex were in charge of leading Albacete and the whole of the Spanish region of La Mancha into this new maelstrom of ugly noises and stupid rhymes. It wasn’t until 2003 when Putilatex decided to get on stage for the first time and sing their biggest hit, “Mira una Moderna”, a song they composed to promote the festival they organised at the time.

Instantly, they hit the nail on the head, creating one of the generational anthems of their time, in which they ridiculed the so-called “modernos” that were flooding the streets, but which really told the story about their own passage from being indies to being “modernos”. After this unexpected success and thousands of downloads via eMule and Soulseek, the band decided to continue creating rubbish. Their first demo “Ortopedia EP” was recorded at home and sold on blank Verbatim CD-Rs. “El grupo” soon stood out for mixing queer pose with punk attitude – and lyrics that spared no one, critisizing the Catholic Church, the “cool” stuff or the music that was popular at that time, accompanied by songs with terribly ugly and powerful beats.

After wandering through clubs, more clubs and dive bars, they found Kill Your Records, a label that finally had their backs and released their first single, “Leatherbitch” as well as their debut album, “DOMUND”. “DOMUND” was the album that would make them famous all over Spain and Latin America. They became part of the electronic and punk scene in Spain and started hanging out with established artists, always being the most miserable of the lot, but also the most shameless and most successful.

As a quartet, Putilatex released their second album in 2011, “Somos los que sobran”, an album marked by a higher musical quality and many more guitars than before. Now that they had apparently become a more conservative band, they would tour all over the country presenting their new songs.

For several years Puti and Latex lived off their former success. Then in 2022 the band, with a new line-up, released their new EP “Pasan Droga” on the Rebel Sound label, where they returned to their electronic roots and even emphasised how easy it is to insult and make people smile at the same time. 2023 is the year in which the band decides to celebrate their 20th birthday, starting from that first performance on stage.

Putilatex want to celebrate their 20th anniversary with all their fans, now in their forties and well into their respective midlife-crises, and with all the young people who are horrified after discovering them just now. Nobody would ever have given a penny for them, but they are still here, they may not be the best, but they are the last.



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