Ost+Front DarkMAD 2024
Foto: Ost+Front

“If you want Ost+Front, you‘ll get Ost+Front. Always on the highest level. Always at the limit!“, singer Hermann Ostfront sets direction. The band delivers and shows full strength on “Dein Helfer in der Not“. At the same time they send their fans a clear message in those weird times: “With this album we want to reach out to you, take your hand and help you getting back on your feet. We are Ost+Front – your helpers in times of need!“

While other bands lose bite over time, Ost+Front show their teeth: “Dein Helfer in der Not“ is pure adrenaline for the continuously growing fan base and a provocative piece of art, that for sure not everybody will enjoy.

Between morbid tales and observance of society the songs play with the listeners’ expectations and are tough material while still being catchy: “We are the mirror of society. The abysses of humankind, social grievances, sexual limits – we dare to say that out loud. This album is a documental masterpiece of its finest.“, Hermann comments.

But not only their recorded material is outstanding, Ost+Front are an excellent live band that deliver an amazing show on stage. Better check it out for yourself!





File under: Industrial Metal | Industrial Rock | NDH | Neue Deutsche Härte