Onyx Unleashed


Onyx Unleashed is the best-known Spanish avant-garde alternative drag performer. Her impact drag mixes contemporary art, freak subculture and cutting-edge fashion to build a unique fantasy.

She has participated in the tour of “El Gran Hotel de las Reinas” with her partners from the second edition of Drag Race Spain. Onyx Unleashed’s performances are surreal aesthetic experiences and doors to other worlds where imagination knows no limits. The Onyx Unleashed’s drag is science fiction and art in its purest form. Her performances have a deep impact on any viewer.

She has worked with museums and art centres such as La Casa Encendida, Matadero, La Laboral and Centrocentro. She has also collaborated with other art spaces such as Galería Veta, House of Chappaz and La Resad. Lately, she has been cooperating with the Spanish Embassy in Italy and the Cervantes Institute.

In all these spaces, Onyx Unleashed has hybridised her more plastic work (video, drawing and sculpture) with the action of her own body, making her performances a complete landscape that illustrates the different arts. Onyx combines her work as a multidisciplinary drag artist with her work as a lecturer, organising workshops and giving lectures on drag creation in various educational spaces.

At the beginning of the year 2024 a musical project she is preparing will see the light of day, and the news has just been confirmed that she will be part of the new season of Drag Race Spain All Stars!


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