Estrella Xtravaganza

Estrella Xtravaganza

Estrella Xtravaganza is a Drag Queen from Jerez halfway between Madrid and Barcelona. She has been host in the mythical Priscilla and Believe in Barcelona and, in addition, she is fifty percent of ‘Lolita Express’, a group she shares with Luis Miguélez. In 2020 their first album, ‘El Futuro es Underground’, was released.

She has made several musical collaborations, such as with La Terremoto de Alcorcón, Choriza May, Pupi Poisson or Turista Sueca, among others.
Estrella was a contestant and finalist in the second season of ‘Drag Race España’ and is one of the visible faces of the TV show ‘Reinas al Rescate’. She has toured the country with the show ‘Gran Hotel de las Reinas’ with her Drag Race sisters.

The artist has also finished the season at the Teatro Lara in Madrid with ‘La Llamada’ by Los Javis, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the show and with tickets sold out in practically all the shows. She is currently touring all corners of Spain and abroad presenting her album ‘Gorda y Divina’, as well as other theatrical and musical projects that will soon see the light of day.


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