Leipzig (Germany) based electronic band Amnistia is active since 2003 and looks back to seven albums, numerous national and international live-shows as well as remixes for and from renowned scene-acts. The release of their 8th, much awaited album “The Nature Of Man” is scheduled for 2024.
The music is called “straight talking body-wave” by the band: accompanied by multi-layered soundscapes, crisp bass-lines and complex percussions the band rages, mourns, begs and accuses with their critical lyrics.
The name Amnistia is both the program and a philosophy. In many languages it means amnesty. Amnistia releases their band-members from inactivity, provides freedom for creativity, it is an outlet, and their work is a verdict that their minds have transformed into sound.

Discography (releases on label)

Neophyte (2007, CD)
Blackguard (2008, CD)
Egotrap (2011, 2CD, CD)
Anti#Versus (2014, 2CD / lim. Boxset)
Dawn (2016, 2CD / lim. Boxset)
Black Halo (2019, CD / lim. Boxset / Tape)
Black Halo Encores (2019, CD / Tape)
We All Bleed Red (2022, CD / lim. Boxset / Vinyl)
The Nature Of Man (2024, CD / lim. Boxset / Vinyl)




File under: Dark Electro